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Please complete the form to indicate your interest in participating in the conference and your specific needs. The language of the conference is English. For translator demands please add your request in registration form.(Konferans dili İngilizce'dir.Çevirmen talebiniz var ise lütfen form içeriğine bu talebinizi ekleyin.)

Ticket Price 

2 Days Conference Entry


18 Sessions  

4 Coffee Breaks 

Networking Session

Certificate of Participation

244 USD +vat %10
(1 person-1 day registration)
488 USD+vat %10
(1 person-2 days registration)

Payment method: credit card/bank transfer


FREE (Only participants who physically attend the conference will receive a certificate.)

To participate in the conference, you must submit a participation request to the organization. You can find the participation request form on the organization's website. The organization will review your participation request and approve or deny it. If your participation request is approved, you will be able to register for the conference. You can register for the conference on the organization's website. Please make sure to read all of the information on the organization's website before submitting your participation request.

Registration Form -1-

Are you anaffiliate of WILL?
Have you been participated an international legal conference before?
Type of Activity
Are you interested in becoming an affiliate of Worldwide Independent Lawyers League?
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